Tax Relief - Tax Refund Excitement

Oklahoma has created a consumer’s tax token program to help alleviate the cash flow problems the state is facing as a result of recent tax hikes. Tax hikes usually happen when there are not enough funds in the budget. When this happens, some taxpayers may elect to file for personal bankruptcy or go onto state welfare. The consumers tax token […]

The Future of Digital Asset Management and Transactions

In recent years, the financial industry has seen a boom in options involving tokens and coins. These financial instruments are becoming increasingly popular because they allow users to transfer value digitally. tokens and coins are a kind of virtual currency. Their value is rooted in the amount of effort and time that community members have spent working on the protocol […]

Consumer’s Tax Check in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the states that have recently reformed its tax system. One of the biggest changes was in the filing of taxes, with all income and expenses being tax-deductible. Prior to this amendment, all income was tax-free. Now, all income is tax-deductible up to a certain amount and the highest amount is $200. This amendment was put in […]

How Much Would You Pay For a loaf of Bread?

It’s hard to imagine how much purchasing power you have in the United States today compared to how it was decades ago. With all of our technology, there is very little that can be produced anymore that can match the quality and quantity of items that we now have. You can easily purchase items that you once could not afford. […]

American Tax Token Society

This week’s featured Web Page is the official website of the American Tax Token Society, an international organization dedicated to collecting and preserving historic and financial documentation on the subject of taxes. The tokens themselves are a unique form of collectible; they have both an aesthetic and utilitarian quality that adds value not only to the objects themselves, but also […]

What Is an Old Train Ticket?

The 1953 Red Seal has been an important historical marker in the United States. Designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and commemorating the construction of the new National Airport, the redesign included a striking red-tiered structure that sat adjacent to the existing terminal. The resulting structure is one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire country and a […]

US Coins As Collectibles

US tokens or coins are the currency of the United States. As we all know, the US dollar has always been the internationally recognized currency of the US. Today, there is more demand for US hard money than for other currencies. The main reason behind this is the country’s recognition as a” superpower”. In addition to this, the country is […]

Illinois Sales Tax Secrets Revealed

Sales tax tokens, also known as pennywise tax takers, were small fractional cents devices used in several American states throughout the early years of the Great Depression to cover sales tax for purchases of goods in the stores. Sales tax tokens had the same purpose as they do today, that is to collect taxes for the state. These pennies, also […]