Using an Old Coin Price Guide

Old Coin Price Guide is a publication that is focused on collecting coins from various countries of the world. It is an excellent reference guide for any coin collector to be able to determine the true value of their collection. Some of the features of this publication include an index, a glossary of terms, a table of contents, and an […]

How Much is a 3535 1 Dollar Bill Worth?

How much is a 1935 1 dollar bill worth? This is a question many people who collect these old coins ask, since it is difficult to get an accurate answer. If you have not collected these types of bills before, you may not understand the value of this particular type of coin. However, after reading this article, you will understand […]

Sales Tax Token Expiration dates and Mistakes About Coupons

A Mississippi State Sales Tax Certificate is often issued to individuals who pay state sales tax on their out-of-state sales in the same year. The certificate is also used for any out-of-state sale, from a shop to a car. The certificate is most commonly used for items purchased on the internet. It is issued by the Department of Revenue and […]

What You Should Know About Sales Tax Receipt Coin Programs

When you look at a Missouri Sales Tax Card, it is not simply a sheet of paper but rather a document that tells you what taxes are due and how much in taxes is owed. It lists the itemized list of items sold, with each item’s retail price listed, along with its taxable rate. Some states also provide information on […]

What Is a Sales Tax Token?

State Sales Tax: Washington state residents pay a 4.5% state sales tax on most items, including services. The sales tax on groceries, like that in most states, is also included in the gross value and is separate from the state sales tax. The state sales tax is charged on the full retail price of each item sold by a seller […]