Scrip Stamps Is Perfect For Decorating

A Scrip stamp is a plastic polymer which has a permanent ink-on coating on it. This allows the individual stamps to have a unique design applied to them. Scrip stamps can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what you are going to be using them for. For instance, one might find themselves using these stamps […]

George Washington - Blue Stamp

The US government has issued a Washington 5 cent stamp to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The stamp is very different from others around because it has a Washington state design on it. On this stamp, you can find a man dressed up as President Washington on the obverse side. He is standing in the middle of the background where the […]

Where to Find a Mississippi Sales Tax Token

Mississippi State Sales Tax tokens (also known as MSIT) can be difficult to find. Many collectors have been collecting them for decades. The reason for this is that they are not widely distributed. MSIT comes in two distinct varieties, a commemorative token and a non commemorative one. You can also find blank state currency or bills that do not come […]

US Coins - A Brief History

In the early days of trading, US tokens or pieces were in very high demand. The piece or coin was an absolute necessary and irreplaceable piece in the international trading system. In those times, no other country had any trade with any other country. Thus, the precious metals like gold and silver coins were all the rage. Albert O'brienFor over […]