Using a Price Guide For Old Coins

Using a price guide for old coins is a great way to increase your coin collecting profits. The market is very competitive and prices are constantly changing, so it is important to get one that has the latest information. The PCGS Price Guide is updated every day, and is updated weekly. It is the official price guide of the Collectors’ […]

Dollar Token: The Future of Coinage

A dollar token is an alternative to a traditional US dollar. They can be used as a medium of exchange in a wide variety of ways, including for paying for goods and services. The coin was originally developed as an ERC-20, but later it expanded to other blockchains, including the Solana and Algorand. It has a 1:1 value with the […]

Canadian Coins

A Canadian token is an acrylic plastic coin that is round, dome shaped and has a flat backside with a raised pattern on the top. The obverse (front) of the coin has the words, ” Majesty” and ” PROVIDED TO Queen Victoria”, with the date, which can be any number of years. Queen Victoria is the patron saint of Canada […]