Missouri Tax Receipt Coins

The Missouri tax receipt coin dates back to 1935, when the state first began issuing one mill tokens. These coins have the state of the state in the center with the number “1” inside. The words “Missouri” and “Sales Tax Receipt” are centered around the number. The coin was the equivalent of one cent, and was also issued in both […]

How to Find Mississippi State Sales Tax Tokens

Mississippi State Sales Tax Tokens are rare and interesting collectibles. These are state-issued bills that can be used as change when making a sale. They are not widely available, but can be easily obtained online. The most common way to get your hands on these is to search online for them. Various websites will offer them for free or for […]

Washington Tax Tokens

The idea of Washington tax tokens dates back to the 1930s, when only a few states adopted this method of collecting taxes. Unlike currency, however, tax tokens are not considered a form of currency. They are considered fractional coins. Because they are not a legal tender, Washington has a very unique legal system. In the 1930s, the state passed a […]

Washington Sales Tax Token

The Washington State Sales Tax is one of the most popular forms of tax payments in the country. These coins were introduced to help retailers collect the required amount of sales tax from their customers. The tax was collected through sales taxes collected from various types of goods. The tokens were made in various colors and designs to appeal to […]