Louisiana Luxury Tax Token

The Louisiana luxury tax token was created to enforce the sales tax in this state. The 2% tax on luxuries was replaced by the Public Welfare Revenue Act of 1938. To combat fraud, a variety of exemptions were created. The list included alcoholic beverages, bottle openers, cigars, maple syrup, plum pudding, and much more. The Louisiana Luxury Tax token was […]

1935 New Mexico Tax Token

A 1935 New Mexico tax token is one of the most valuable items in the world. The coin is valued at up to $100 and is a rarity, according to Numista. The token was minted with a protective sheath for 85 years and then placed into a modern protective coin case to protect it from tampering and other damage. The […]

Utah Tax Token

The Utah tax token is a small dime-sized metal coin that represents the state’s sales tax. They have been used by the state since 1956 to collect the necessary amount. The State of Utah has issued several different denominations of tax tokens over the years. These are used for different purposes. To use these in purchases, you need to show […]

Unique Tokens: Colorado Sales Tax Token

The first sales tax tokens in Colorado were issued in 1935. They were square-shaped and were used for paying fractional taxes on purchases. In 1945, the state released a 1/5C/aluminum sales tax token. Since then, the sales tax has been 2%. These old tokens can be found on shelves across the country, but they are no longer in use. You […]

The American Tax Token Society

The American Tax Token Society was founded in 1971 and has since produced a quarterly newsletter. In the beginning, the organization published a catalog that contained only sales tax tokens, but now there are many other types. The most popular items are the monogrammed candy bars, which can be purchased at the society’s website. The flavors available include marshmallow, chocolate […]