WELCOME TO THE official website of the American Tax Token Society, also known as the A.T.T.S. We are a group of hobbyists dedicated to the collecting and preservation of sales tax tokens, their history and related memorabilia.

WITH THIS NEWLY LAUNCHED WEBSITE we are aiming to grab the attention of stray collectors who haven’t yet realized everything the A.T.T.S. has to offer. As well, we hope to entice a few others into choosing Sales Tax Tokens as a new, fun and inexpensive hobby.

SO, GRAB A SNACK and spend some time looking around our website. Don’t be afraid to post a comment or ask a question, but mostly, don’t be afraid to have fun.

BE SURE TO CHECK BACK every so often, as we will be uploading more articles, lots of photos and hopefully encouraging some interesting discussions through our regular posts, featured on the Home page. Enjoy!

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  1. fftf

    Have a New Mexico Sales tax token S2a page 195 M&D token catalog. It is a error reseve token thereserve is only 90 degrees from the observe, not the useal 180 degree. Has anyone seen like it if so would like approx. value. thank you fftf

  2. Jimmy

    I have the exact same question as Sue has. It appears these tokens were produced by each state but why? Where they just given to low income people so they could use the token to pay towards the sales tax they had on items they purchased? If so, then that would have made the tokens like cash with each token being worth a penny or a nickle depending if it printed a “1” or a “5” on the token. Once a store took the token from an individual as a payment for tax then what did the store do with it? I don’t see how this benefited the state other than to make it practical to charge a sales take on all items no matter who it was buying it. p.s. I found my 91 year old father in-laws Missouri tokens in an old Kentucky Club can that was made for pipe and cigarette tobacco. I thought the value was in the can until I opened it up and saw all the red and green Missouri tokens.

  3. admin Post author

    You can find answers to your questions in the FAQ as well as the History section.

  4. Sue

    We recently found a Missouri tax token in the bottom of my father-in-law’s desk drawer — instead of the bottom of the trunk as you describe. Even looking through your website we do not understand WHY the states issued these? What purpose did they serve? Certainly interesting. Thanks for helping with this piece of his history.

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