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This week’s featured Web Page is the official website of the American Tax Token Society, an international organization dedicated to collecting and preserving historic and financial documentation on the subject of taxes. The tokens themselves are a unique form of collectible; they have both an aesthetic and utilitarian quality that adds value not only to the objects themselves, but also to their history. From earliest forms of tax records kept in taverns all the way up to the current secure copies of tax sheets proudly displayed in government tax bureaus, the tokens themselves range significantly in age, function, design, and size. In recent years the tokens themselves have grown in both quantity and value. This article will briefly describe the most commonly collected types of tokens, as well as some information about the society that collects them.

One of the most common types of sales tax token is the die-cut form. As the name would suggest, each of these token is imprinted with a symbol representing an object that was sold that particular year. Each stamp may represent something such as a horse, pig, or a bushel of corn. The symbols used are chosen to correspond to specific items, so for example if a horse was sold in June of a year, it would have a corresponding symbol that would represent that specific month. Stamps may be stamped from left to right, top to bottom, or any other orientation imaginable.

Another common form of sales tax tokens is plastic. These tokens are typically smaller in size than the die-cut varieties, but may still look and act like a typical hardback book cover. Typically, these plastic token versions will have the same emblem on the front, but a more detailed description of the item will appear on the reverse side. Usually, the symbols on the back will match the ones on the front.

Stamps used by the American tax token society can come in various colors, designs, and formats. There are also different ways to apply these tokens to certain transactions. For example, a stamp might be applied when purchasing food at a grocery store. Another way to utilize a sales tax token is at a casino.

The most common format of sales tax tokens is based on the original German Schimmel pattern. Schimmel patterns were created during the time that the Christian era, which was in effect from the 8th century, until the German Protestant revolution of 60 years later, began. In previous generations, the Schimmel pattern was used for collecting silver coins. Today, it is often used for creating personalized gifts.

A unique feature of the American tax token society is the ability to create customized items. When a customer enters a store, they may have specific items that they would like to purchase before leaving the store. For example, if a customer was looking to buy an apple, they may choose from a variety of apple colors. If a customer wanted to buy a chocolate bar, then they may pick from a wide selection of chocolates, or a specific chocolate bar flavor such as maple, dark rich, or fruity.

One of the most popular items sold by the American tax token society is monogrammed candy bars. Monogrammed candy bars are not only great for special occasions, but also great for everyday eating or sweet-tasting treats. Some of the more popular monogrammed candy bar flavors include: marshmallow, chocolate chestnut, chocolate caramel, chocolate peanut butter, honeycomb, maple, and banana. There are many other monogram candy flavors and images to choose from.

One of the main goals of The American tax token Society is to raise money for important projects. They currently have projects in five different states:

  • California;
  • Colorado;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Texas;
  • Washington D. C.

They have over 30 distributors nationwide, as well as major corporations and retailers. There are two main ways that members are collecting funds, one being their retail store customers and the second being direct sales from distributors. Sales tax tokens are great to sell in any store, and especially great for a business owner with a limited amount of capital and sales. The key to success for any business, large or small, is to always have new sources of funds, and in this case, sales tax tokens are just what you need to make it through a slow economy.

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