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  1. admin Post author

    That’s fantastic information Monte, and a good idea of something for collectors to keep an eye out for, which otherwise might be missed. Thanks again.

  2. Monte

    Although there were 10’s of thousands of these issued in mid-1933, I’ve only ever heard of 2 still in existence. Since these were made to be applied to the windows in a store front to show that the license was certified as registered, it’s understanable that few survived in-tact. In both instances of the two known surviving examples, neither of them were actually used, which is probably why they still exist.

    This is a good example of something that very closely aligns as related memorabilia to sales tax tokens, scrip, and stamps and is very rare, but is still relatively inexpensive when found. Both examples known were purchased in the $30-40 range, although the second example also has the original envelope they were mailed in and sold for $42. Monte

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