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DO YOU HAVE sales tax tokens that you would like to sell? What better place to find a buyer than a Sales Tax Token website, right? Be it an old coffee can filled to the brim with common plastic tax mills or an extremely scarce & highly collectible piece of scrip, we welcome your posts looking for a buyer.

THE NEWEST LISTINGS will always be at the top of the page, with older listings descending.

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  1. Leonard Gresens

    Looking to trade for trade or transportation tokens. Preferably Louisiana, but Texas, Arkansas or Oklahoma will do. I have the following:


    160 Alum. 4 Red plastic, 7 small brass, 136 fiber with hole and 28 fiber with no hole.


    20 Alum. 1 Fiber, 3 brass.

  2. fftf

    Have for sale or trade NEW MEXICO sales tax token S3 page196 M&D catalog. errored rev. Reads purchase of five cent, the correct reading is purchase twenty five cents.

  3. Glenn Johnson

    I have a Doersam’s Clock -5 cent in trade , sales tax prepaid tax token from Columbus, Ohio. The only information I can find on this token is listed in Malehorn and Davenport tax book on page # 217. Listed as a L-31. R-10. Can anyone please Send me any information on this Tax Token ?

  4. Clint Ware

    I have a white plastic (opaque) Mississippi in very good condition for sale.

    Is anyone interested?

  5. Sandy Hibler

    I have a small amount of tax tokens found when my mother in law passed away. Anyone interested in purchasing can email me a [email protected] I have:

    2 Kansas metal ones- 2M- these are metal and one is in what I would call excellent condition.
    1 New Mexico -1M-metal and excellent condition
    12 Missouri-1M-metal-poor condition
    5 Missouri-5M- metal -poor condition
    1 Missouri-1 M-large cardboard-good condition
    1 red Colorado -1M cardboard
    2red OPA-1M cardboard
    2blue OPA-1M cardboard
    4 Missouri-1M-smaller cardboard- good condition- these are stamped on the back with “This receipt shows that you are helping to pay for old age pensions support of public schools, care of poor insane and tuberculosis patients in state hospitals and relief of needy unemployed in the state of Missouri”

    Hope someone would like to purchase these.

  6. Natalie

    I have a large amount of red and green MO sales tax tokens. I also have about ten of the tan cardboard tokens with blank backs. All are for sale. Contact me by email or text message preferred. 314 680 2401

  7. Monte

    Hey Glenn, With few exceptions I’ve sold all of my duplicate sales tax tokens and scrip. The reason I’ve done so is so that when the price guide is issued (hopefully next year) I have nothing but my own personal collection. Folks will be happier knowing that the prices in the price guide have not been unduly influenced by my own holdings. So, in the case of the Illinois provisionals, I have nothing but a few common R1s and R2s, as I’ve already sold everything of higher scarcity.

  8. Glenn Johnson

    Monte , Could you send me your updated sell List on Provisional Tax Tokens ? Thank you sir Glenn Johnson A.T.T.S. membership number 643.

  9. Glenn Johnson

    Monte , Do you have extra Illinois Provisional tax Tokens L-3 , L- 7 , L - 19, L-40, L-50, L-56, L-67, L-85 , L-89 , L-92 , L- 103, L104, L-106 For sale ? Thank you Sir. Glenn.

  10. john

    i have 2 oklahoma alunmmin tax tokens one side say old age pension the other says check consumers tax the other says check both sides they are 4 sale call john at 559 283-3682

  11. Mike

    Request: Would someone update what they have for sale. I’m sure some of these items are no longer available. Thank you.

  12. Monte

    For Sale: Miscellaneous bag of states issued sales tax tokens, varieties have not been checked for, usually about 180 to 200 per bag and at least 5 or 6 (or more) states and plenty of types included. Not just a bag of the same state or the same type but a good mixture. $20.00 INCLUDING postage!!! Write first to make sure I have a bag left.

  13. Jim

    Below is an extensive list of Sales Tax Tokens for sale from one of our ATTS members. If you’re interested in any of these items, please contact Jim Calvert at [email protected] or the webmaster if you’re unable to reach him.

    Always willing to trade for needed items. Much scrip needed as well as others.

    S-17 pale blue fiber $15.00
    S-18 Dark blue fiber. (Rarity 7) $13.00
    AL-NF-1 Dark blue with hole. Pattern Reported in Newsletter #131 $145.00

    L-10a single token $15.00
    L-10 strip of 5 $50.00
    L-13A (card of 20) $35.00
    L-17Ba (card of 10) $70.00
    CA-NF-1 Safeway reported in newsletter #131. This card has a star shape punch in each spot $75.00

    S-3 brownish-red fiber $3.00

    L-2 Arcola $1.50
    L-8 Cambridge $3.50
    L-18B Carbondale $1.50
    L-20 Chandleville $2.00
    L-37 Effingham $2.50
    L-38 El Paso $40.00
    L-39 Galva $1.50
    L-41 Gillespie $2.50
    L-47 Jasper $15.00
    L-51 Kewanee $3.00
    L-55 Litchfield $1.50
    L-59B Mattoon $4.50
    L-61B Mercer $2.50
    L-62B Moline $2.50
    L-65 Monmouth $24.00
    L-69 Paris $3.00
    L-87 Rock Island $2.50
    L87C Rock Island $1.75
    L-88 Rock Island $2.50
    L-96 St. Anne $2.50
    L-97 Tazewell $1.50
    L-100 Toulon $3.00
    L-101 Union $3.00
    L-102 Virginia $50.00
    NF-2D Royalton Blue Front ATTS #131 $135.00
    NF-6A Royalton Shafor’s Drug ATTS # 131 $110.00
    S-1A $6.00
    S-1B $12.50
    S-1C $12.50
    Souvenir card O-4 $33.00
    Note; All of the Royalton’s were found at the same time and have a stain along one edge

    S-3 no rays $8.00

    L-1 M.H Taylor $135.00
    L-3 Artic Ice $5.00
    L-4 Artic Ice $5.00
    S-1 1cent $30.00
    S-2 2 cent $32.00
    S-3 3 cent $32.00
    S-4 4 cent $50.00
    M-1 pin back $40.00

    L-1B Grand Rapids Milk $5.00
    MI-NF-8 J.L. Hudson Department Store (5 known) reported in newsletter #131 $165.00
    O-9Ca souvenir Schimmel Blue ink $42.00

    S1-ac1 small hole $20.00
    S1 A 3 large hole $18.00
    S-7 white plastic $50.00

    S-18 Dark red $4.50
    S-19 Dark red $4.50
    S-25 Dark gray $4.50
    S-1 c/s 119 $18.00
    S-1 c/s 120 $26.00

    O-1 Silver with blue and red print $45.00
    O-2 Silver with black $18.00
    NE-RM-4 1939 wooden nickel newsletter #139 $30.00
    NE-RM-5 1938 wooden nickel newsletter #139 $30.00
    R-2 Omaha $55.00
    R-5C Funny Money $55.00

    New Mexico
    S-3 error reverse $17.50
    S-4 white plastic $30.00
    S-7 gray- white fiber $15.00
    S-8 black fiber $48.00

    North Carolina
    L-29 this one has three corners removed and I consider it only a filler $25.00

    S-13 tan fiber $7.50
    S-14 reddish brown fiber $7.50
    S-15 or S-16 $6.50
    S-17 Tax token pressboard $9.50
    Souvenir counterstamp O-1 $35.00

    Oregon See newsletter #130 for complete list including varieties
    R-1 black boot $8.50
    R-2A $16.00
    R-2C $18.00
    R-4 $20.00
    R-5A $20.00
    R-5C $20.00
    R-8 $35.00

    R-3 Stanford Smith $65.00
    R-5 Ralph Hall $65.00

    L-3 Cathlamet white with black $20.00
    L-5 Cathlamet violet with black $20.00
    L-8 Centralia $55.00
    L-9 Centralia $85.00
    L-12Ab Colfax $15.00
    L-12Ac Colfax $15.00
    L-12Ba Colfax $6.00
    L-12Bb Colfax $20.00
    L-25 Pasco $80.00
    L-34a (strip of five) Mecca $42.00
    l-35b (single) Neupert’s Grocery $25.00
    L-37 Freda Gandler $20.00
    L-42 Rainier $15.00
    L-43 Rhodes $10.00
    L-46 Spokane $15.00
    L-47 Spokane $15.00
    L-48 Stevenson $15.00
    L-70 Tenino Jiffy Lunch $85.00
    L-78 this one is faded and I consider it only a filler. $45.00
    L-81 Paramount $40.00
    L-99C Thurston Co. $35.00
    L-101 Thurston Co. $25.00
    L-103A Thurston Co.$30.00
    L-103G Thurston Co. $30.00
    S-2 series B $4.00
    S-3a Series C $4.00
    S-3b Series C $5.00
    S-7 dull green plastic $9.00
    S-11 Gray plastic $8.00
    Souvenir O-21 Commemorative card $5.00
    Also have many of the replicas $4.00 each

    R-2 Chicago Worlds Fair $35.00
    O-5 Membership token $15.00
    O-6 Jerry Bates 5mill wood $48.00
    O-20 Jerry F. Schimmel $30.00
    O-21 J.Schimmel $30.00
    O-23D Jerry F Schimmel wood grain $30.00
    O-24 Jerry Schimmel $30.00

  14. Monte

    For Sale: Nice complete original roll mint Illinois sales tax tokens. Roll paper is complete and nice. Tokens included inside have never circulated. $25 including postage or trade. Monte C. Dean, [email protected].

  15. Monte

    For Sale: Texas TX-R5 Ralph Hall encased cent, “ONLY 1c SALES TAX / ACROSS THE BOARD…Truly tough R8 Rarity. Exceptionally nice near AU (Almost Uncirculated) condition, although there is no red left on the cent itself. Ask for photo if needed. $70 cash, or I’ll be happy to trade for anything I need. Monte C. Dean, [email protected]

  16. Monte

    For Sale: TX R-7 Wooden Nickel, anti-sales tax type from Texas. A tough item to find and the first time I’ve ever had a duplicate. Extremely Fine condition with no problems of any kind. $50.00 - or trade.

  17. Monte

    For Sale: Everything from really common sales tax tokens to extremely rare sales tax tokens, scrip, and related memorabilia. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in my buy list, and if I don’t have what you need, I can probably tell you who does have items for sale.

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