George Washington - Blue Stamp

The US government has issued a Washington 5 cent stamp to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The stamp is very different from others around because it has a Washington state design on it. On this stamp, you can find a man dressed up as President Washington on the obverse side. He is standing in the middle of the background where the US seal is placed.

On the reverse side, we have a woman with long hair standing on what looks like a beach with her sailboat in the background. In the upper right corner, you can find the name of George Washington as well as his birthmark. Next to that is a representation of Independence Hall and the United States capitol building. This seal can be located at each of the three addresses on the reverse side. It makes a great gift for yourself or for someone else who enjoys collecting stamps.

Many people do not realize that the first Washington stamp was issued by the US government during the presidency of George Washington. This one has a blue color with white letters. The design is beautiful with a couple of different designs including the stars and hearts. A Washington 5 cent stamp is beautiful and attractive to have. You can easily recognize this particular stamp, as it has a beautiful blue field with a Liberty Bell shaped top center. It is stamped on the reverse with the seal of the United States of America and it is a beautiful piece that will make a wonderful gift for someone you know or just buy for yourself.

The First George Washington Stamp: Beautiful Blue Background

The first Washington 5 cent stamp was printed in 1869 and was used during the American Revolution. Today, these Washington stamps are still available as a popular collector’s item. There are many different colors to choose from so that collectors can find the exact Washington stamp they’re looking for. In this case, the stamp has a beautiful blue background with Washington D.C., underneath the image and is an all around gorgeous postage stamp!

The first George Washington’s U S Postage Stamp came out at time when he was still alive US Postal Service issued five-cent version which went on sale February 21, 1869. Stamp featured profile portrait of Washington surrounded by ornate frame. It was printed on sheets of 100 stamps each with perforations for separating them along the sides instead top and bottom so they could be cut rather than torn apart.

An interesting thing about the Washington D.C. - Blue US postage stamp is that it was introduced into circulation prior to the final battle at Valley Forge. This shows that there was concern over the dire situation that was going on at the time. The British were being overwhelmed at the time and they needed all of their men home where they could be protected from a bombardment of ammunition that was going to hit the city. With this in mind, the Continental army started printing blue US postage stamps to help those troops stay in the city. This stamp has been used ever since and is loved by many.

The US stamp George Washington 5 cent blue stamp has been in circulation for nearly 100 years and is still a popular stamp with collectors. The stamps are actually relatively cheap when compared to other stamps of this type. The reason for this is that most of the country is still using post office mail. So you never have to worry about running out of a stamp due to an increase in mail volume.

The stamp has actually been around since the fourth issue of the Washington D.C. - Blue US postage stamp. However, the blue was only used for the first two issues, which took place in 1791 and 1792 respectively. The third and final blue design was introduced as a commemoration of the signing of the treaty at Waverly, New Hampshire. So, if you want to buy a commemorative stamp, you should buy the fifth issue of the Washington D.C. - Blue US postage stamp.

If you are looking for an unusual stamp, you may not want to buy the Washington D.C. - Blue US postage stamp. This stamp is actually a common design and has become extremely rare. As such, they are actually quite rare to find in circulation, with over ten thousand packages having been printed with this stamp in existence. However, there are several other stamps which are the rarest of rare, including:

  • First three George Washington Issues;
  • First Washington Quarter;
  • Last Washington Quarters;
  • First Bluegrass Mint Stamp.

All of these have a very rare, almost nonexistent chance of being found in circulation.

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