IF YOU’RE ENJOYING our website, you should consider joining the A.T.T.S. For an annual fee of only $12, membership really does have its privileges.

The A.T.T.S. has an exemplary quarterly newsletter, which is free to all members, in either PDF format for those who prefer to store that information on their computer or printed off and mailed to you the old-fashioned way. Our newsletter is full color, which gives the collector a much better resource for for future research. The Newsletter regularly features photos and articles on New Finds and new discoveries. Historical pieces and contemporary newspaper clippings make regular appearances. Regular reports of value trends in the tax token market help members make informed decisions when purchasing for their collection or selling duplicates. Members can also take advantage of our FREE classified section in the newsletter to trade, sell or simply meet other collectors.

Members are also treated to the occasional token or freebie to help fill those empty slots in our binders.

SO WHAT DO YOU SAY? Are you tired of bowling alone? Why not pack a lunch to take to work tomorrow and skip that $8 burger, that $2 soda and the $3 you would have paid in tax & tip and spend $12 to join the A.T.T.S.? Heck, by my math, purchasing a membership actually saves you a dollar, and it lasts a lot longer than lunch!

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IF YOU PREFER to purchase a membership for $12 the old-fashioned way, you can always mail a check to the address below:

James Calvert
1984 B Lyn Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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