Just a Reminder

Attention all ATTS members. Please consider helping this website stay relevant by contributing content to it. Your contribution can be as simple as a couple of photos of your collection or of a specific piece or pieces from your collection or an old article of yours that was once published in the newsletter. Don’t feel that just because you don’t have a bunch of R-9’s and R-10’s to take photos of that we aren’t interested in your story, because we are!

One thought on “Just a Reminder

  1. Monte

    Although we would certainly love to see photos of the rare items we’ve never seen in color before, Loran is absolutely right to ask for any contributions, even if they are relatively common. If you have any error tokens, those are of interest, as they do help us understand the minting or printing process. If you have some super uncirculated common sales tax tokens that would grade above the MS-65 grade, those are actually quite rare, even for tokens listed as very common, and would be wonderful additions too. Or, if you have some interesting ways of displaying your tokens, most collectors continually search for a method to show their collections to their best advantage. The boxes, rolls, and sacks that state issued tokens were distributed in are also of great interest, as there are certainly many dozens of different types that we have never seen in their original distribution format. We are interested in photos, questions, answers, or verifications of anything having to do with sales tax tokens or scrip. Please help us keep the site active and interesting by sending Loran just about anything. Even the newest collector probably has something we can all learn from. Monte

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