2 thoughts on “Missouri Copper Patterns

  1. Monte

    Please note that these were reported as being copper from the gentleman who provided me with the photos, although I did not physically inspect these tokens myself. This would usually not be an issue, considering that the M&D listed a number of off-metal patterns, but for complete reporting purposes, it would always be preferred that the WEIGHT of such items, in 1/100 gram quantities, be reported as well. Although most collectors don’t own a scale that is precise enough to measure to that level, any jewelry store would probably be able to weigh a token to that degree. Purchasing such a scale can be done for around $30 for an electronic digital reader that is so precise that a breath of air will be detected, too. In MANY instances, having such a scale can be of beneift, especially as it relates to determining varieties on thicknesses of planchets. It is much easier to weigh a token than it is to try and figure out the depth of a token, even with a fine caliper. Monte

  2. admin Post author

    Also, the Missouri “5” is missing the usual hole, which I forgot to mention in my description.

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