The Missouri tax receipt coin dates back to 1935, when the state first began issuing one mill tokens. These coins have the state of the state in the center with the number “1” inside. The words “Missouri” and “Sales Tax Receipt” are centered around the number. The coin was the equivalent of one cent, and was also issued in both round and star holes. This piece was worth about a dollar today, and can fetch up to $3 when it’s sold to a collector.

The state of Missouri issued one mill sales tax tokens in 1935. The coins, which weighed one tenth of a cent, were made from zinc and plastic milk bottle caps. The state of Kansas used a similar coin in the 1940s, but the law was finally lifted in December 1961. The Minerva was the state’s tax receipt coin value. This tax receipt coin was not issued to businesses and individuals.

The one mill sales tax token, which was used by Missouri merchants, was worth one mill cent. It features the state of Missouri in the center, the number “1” inside, and the words “Missouri” and “Sales Tax Receipt” surrounding it. These tokens were made of zinc and plastic milk bottle caps, and they were issued from 1857 to 1931. The laws were repealed in 1961. The one mill sales tax token is a token that was used by Missouri merchants to collect sales taxes from consumers. The value of one mill tokens is equal to ten cents, and it is used in accounting for fractions of cents when computing the tax. However, these tokens have been discontinued in most issuing states. If you’re interested in purchasing a coin made by a local business, you should consider buying a Missouri one-mill sales tax receipt.

One Mill Sales Tax Token: History

In the 1930s, Missouri tax receipt coins were banned in most issuing states. This meant that they were no longer regarded as a useful currency in the United States. The one mill Missouri sales tax token was created to help with Missouri’s budget deficit. In order for them to be used, Missouri citizens had to purchase these tokens from banks and businesses who agreed to collect taxes on behalf of the state government. In 1932, Missouri issued over 2 million Mississippi tax receipt coins worth $2 million dollars at face value.

One Mill Sales Tax Token.

The original one mill sales tax token is a one mill sales tax token that is worth a cent. This coin also features the state of Missouri in the center, a “1” inside the center, and the words “Missouri” and “Sales Tax Receipt” around it. It is a commemorative item that dates back to the Depression era. If you’ve ever bought a souvenir from a store in the past, you’ll know how useful these items were.

Missouri tax receipts were a way to pay for taxes. In the 1930s, prices were very low and the state issued one cent tokens for every dollar of value. During the depression, people collected these tokens and eventually could buy a soda with ten five mill tokens. This was possible since the number of nickels was small. In the early years, the coin was the equivalent of a penny today.

A single mill token is a one mill sales tax. Its value is one tenth of a cent. It can be used to pay fractional taxes for smaller purchases. These are also referred to as tax tokens. But you should keep in mind that they have no value on their own. You can buy a soda with ten five mill tokens, and you can even use them to pay for other things in the store.

If you are looking for a coin to pay your taxes, the Missouri tax token is a great choice. The one mill sales tax token is equivalent to one tenth of a cent. This is why the coin is so popular with collectors. In addition to its aesthetics, the coin is also worth collecting. It is worth collecting a few mill tokens for a single dollar. So it’s always good to have more than one set of these in your collection.

Despite the fact that Missouri tax receipts are worth small amounts, the state has been able to issue these tokens for a long time. The coins are also easy to collect, and you should be able to find several hundred of them on eBay. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, consider trading your tokens for other pieces of history. You can earn as much as two mils for each token.

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