One thought on “New Mexico full brockage Error

  1. Monte

    Although the Full Brockage error is not the rarest of the types found on state issued tokens, they can be counted on to fetch the best prices of all error types. Usually a nice example, as with the one pictured, will easily fetch in the $35-$45 range. The only exception to this would be examples from Oklahoma, which are known to have the highest rate of errors from any state, including this error type.

    The toughest rarities for errors from state issues are those with multiple strikes, 3 or more off center strikes on a single blank, or die caps, which are almost never seen. Of the three I’ve seen sold on eBay in the last 15 years, none of those rarer pieces achieved better than $18.

    Most folks assume that because Oklahoma produced such a plethora of errors that errors must be common from all the states, which is not true. There are some that are super common from other states, such as die cracks on the Missouri Zinc 1 and 5 mill, off center Alabama fiber, and double struck (although only slightly off for the second strike) Arizona. Or the infamous no arrows Kansas aluminum. But in general, with those few exceptions, errors are fairly difficult to find for most of the other state issued pieces. Monte

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