3 thoughts on “Notice from Iowa Retail Sales Tax Division

  1. Monte

    Ugg. No time to check dimensions today, I’m afraid. I can assure you that they can and will be found in the STTS-ID&PG. Just wait another many months! Monte

  2. Monte

    This law was still on the books, at least until the early 1980’s. I was managing a furniture store in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the early 1980’s and we ran a “We Pay the Sales Tax” sale. We were immediately contacted by the Department of Revenue the day AFTER the advertisements were placed and that department told us that we could not advertise that way. We were threatened with a long list of possible sanctions and fines. We simply gave the proper discount on the purchases during the sale to equal what the sales tax savings would have been, but we never advertised that way again!

    I would also note that this 1937 Iowa sign exists in at least three collections, so it is not unique. I traded about $70 worth of sales tax revenues for the one in my own collection that is pictured here. Monte

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