3 thoughts on “Ohio printing examples, part 4

  1. [email protected]


    I recently acquired a Big Bear MPC with a black print color issued May 1935 with a serial # in the 25000 series.

    Please recheck your Big Bear MPC print color listed in the guide because if it is in fact green that would mean 2 different print runs for the Big Bear MPC!!!!! I believe mine has a radically serial number than what is listed but I have misplaced my copy of the Ohio guide.

  2. Lawrence LeBel

    It’s obvious that printer was Superior from imprint. The question mark I believe refers to fact these are imperforate & on paper different than the issued Superior stamps ie were they proofs essays trial colors or something in between.

  3. Loran

    Lawrence, does the “?” [question mark] on page 19 mean that it’s uncertain who printed the stamps on that page?

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