Ohio punch cards

Another submission from Lawrence, he sends a question to our resident Ohio scholar, along with more photos in the form of a PDF:


I recently acquired a Big Bear MPC with a black print color issued May 1935 with a serial # in the 25000 series.

Please recheck your Big Bear MPC print color listed in the guide because if it is in fact green that would mean 2 different print runs for the Big Bear MPC!!!!! I believe mine has a radically lower serial number than what is listed but I have misplaced my copy of the Ohio guide.


2 thoughts on “Ohio punch cards

  1. Monte

    Thanks for your patience in awaiting my reply, Lawrence. Our house has been the unofficial vacation spot for the last month or so for every family member and friend we have ever known! Yes - your report of the black print on that MPC is different that the green print previously found, and it most certainly does indicate another new type for that MPC merchant. Thanks for sharing that with us, and I’ve updated the information with credit to you in my NEW OHIO file. Monte

  2. Lawrence LeBel

    The Isely Dairy & H. L. Green are also unlisted SPC’s. The Isely has not been previously reported on this type of State Punch Card (SPC).

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