Ohio token from Doersam’s

Here is a token which I recently acquired. It’s a variation of the L31 listed in the M&D book. Monte has it listed as OH-MM-1B in his book, for anyone who wants to look it up. Notice how part of the clock is worn down on the reverse, from the individual letters in the phrase “TAX PRE-PAID” each being struck by hand.



4 thoughts on “Ohio token from Doersam’s

  1. Monte

    The Ohio token, listed in the M&D as the OH L31 originally had the Tax Pre-Paid as part of the inscription. The piece that you refer to, and which you posted pictures of did not have those words “added”. In fact, the reason for the numerous small round punches was to COVER UP and eliminate those words from the original token so that they could continue to be used. In 1935 when the actual laws, rules, and regulations were more firmly fixed (they were a bit uncertain at the very beginning) having such a token in circulation would have violated those rules and regulations. Dorsam’s was either notified of same and chose the “punch out” method to continue to use the tokens, or they did it of their own accord to make sure they had not over-stepped their bounds. This token with the punched out “Tax Pre-Paid” may be considered extremely rare with only 4 certainly identified. A superb token to own and a highlight of any local issue sales tax token collection.

  2. admin Post author

    Monte, This morning I was posting the photos of that OK piece with the “CLEM SEARS” hammered into it, and the thought occurred to me that this Ohio token could sort of loosely be considered to be counter-stamped, since the “Tax Pre-Paid” was added after the fact. What do you think?

  3. admin Post author

    Indeed! I would have never paid that. I *was* happy to give up the $75 that I did pay for it, however.

  4. Monte

    A nifty token and this is one of only 3 or perhaps 4 that are known with the punch out. The dealer (from Minnesota?) had offered this for upwards of $250 some years back, although he did finally come down to a more reasonable price.

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