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Gillespie Provisional

Here’s another in our series of the many different Illinois provisional sales tax tokens.

This is the provisional token from Gillespie, IL. It is listed in the M&D book as number “L41″, held the value of a quarter of a cent at the time, had a rarity rating of R3 at the time of the M&D book and is made of brass.

An interesting thing about this token is that it says “United States Money” on the rear.

MVC-979F (2)

MVC-980F (2)

Ohio token from Doersam’s

Here is a token which I recently acquired. It’s a variation of the L31 listed in the M&D book. Monte has it listed as OH-MM-1B in his book, for anyone who wants to look it up. Notice how part of the clock is worn down on the reverse, from the individual letters in the phrase “TAX PRE-PAID” each being struck by hand.