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Missouri State Auditor Forrest Smith (1886-1962)

Continuing from yesterday’s post… it was noted that Forrest Smith somehow misspelled his own name, in his signature that appears on the missing Missouri pattern, which was featured yesterday.

Monte was kind enough to offer up some additional information on the matter, along with some new photographs. Taken from the comments section yesterday, Monte explained:

Not only was Forrest misspelled on this zinc pattern, but on 4 other patterns from the state of Missouri as well. Additionally, his name was misspelled that way on a couple of the early (1936, 1937) State Rules and Regulations booklets and on one of his campaign pin-back buttons for the position of State Auditor when he ran for a second term. Forrest Smith is also the only known human to have had his name appear on a roll and box from ANY state, on Missouri zinc tokens, although his name was spelled correctly on those (they are not listed in the M&D).




Display for Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Washington

The fourth in this series, the six states displayed this time are: Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Washington. Check back soon to see other photos in this series.

Picture 058