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“Just For Fun” an article by Monte Dean

In what we all hope will be the first of many more to be posted on this website, here is an article by ATTS member Monte Dean, entitled “Just For Fun”. It originally appeared in ATTS Newsletter #138, back in 2007.

Monte makes numerous helpful suggestions for a situation that all collectors encounter: they think they’ve run out of things to collect. The horror! This enjoyable article show us all that we just might not be collecting outside of the box as well as we thought we were!


A Blast From the Past

I thought I’d start the first post of the month off with a slight change of pace and post something different. Here is the very first newsletter that the American Tax Token Society ever released. The A.T.T.S. began in 1971 and this first newsletter quickly followed. Forty-two years later, the newsletter is still on schedule and going strong, with issue number #161 just having been released this Summer.

So, check out our humble beginnings and consider joining, if you aren’t already a member!


Ohio punch cards

Another submission from Lawrence, he sends a question to our resident Ohio scholar, along with more photos in the form of a PDF:


I recently acquired a Big Bear MPC with a black print color issued May 1935 with a serial # in the 25000 series.

Please recheck your Big Bear MPC print color listed in the guide because if it is in fact green that would mean 2 different print runs for the Big Bear MPC!!!!! I believe mine has a radically lower serial number than what is listed but I have misplaced my copy of the Ohio guide.


Ohio printing examples from the American Bank Note Co

This submission comes from Lawrence & Porter, as part of an Ohio collection they purchased. The collection is set up in Hubbard catalog order and includes printing examples from the Columbian Bank Note Co, the American Bank Note Co and Reserve Litho. There will be additional pages in the future, as well.

Due to the size and amount of photos involved in this collection, I had originally intended to post everything in PDF form, allowing users to download and enjoy at their leisure or simply view here without downloading, if that’s your preference. However, all but one of the files exceeded the size allowed for uploading. So, for the time being, while we problem-solve, here is a sample of future PDFs to come.

Feel free to ask questions in the “comments” section, and perhaps we can get Lawrence to open up further about this collection.