5 thoughts on “There is a REWARD being offered for this token! Can YOU help find it?

  1. admin Post author

    That’s great info Monte. Also, thanks for the additional photos; I’ll post them tomorrow.

  2. Monte

    Not only was Forrest misspelled on this zinc pattern, but on 4 other patterns from the state of Missouri as well. Additionally, his name was misspelled that way on a couple of the early (1936, 1937) State Rules and Regulations booklets and on one of his campaign pin-back buttons for the position of State Auditor when he ran for a second term. Forrest Smith is also the only known human to have had his name appear on a roll and box from ANY state, on Missouri zinc tokens, although his name was spelled correctly on those (they are not listed in the M&D). I’ll send a photo to Loran in a moment. Monte.

  3. admin Post author

    Is it my imagination or did the State Auditor misspell his own name in his signature on the token? It’s not the best photo in the world, but his first name, Forrest, seems to clearly be missing one “R”.

  4. Monte

    Most certainly 5 Mills. If you look at the majority of state issued tokens, very few have any indication of the denomination being in mills or parts of a cent. Some, such as Washington, even used the number one, on their plastic issues, for example, to mean 1 TOKEN, not 1 mill. Thus, you see a lot of listings on eBay, or by others who have not studied the field, listing tokens as 1 or 5 cents, which are, in fact, 1 or 5 mills, even though that information is not indicated on the token. Monte

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