Washington Plastics Backlit

This is a fun photo demonstrating the range of plastic tokens from the state of Washington. I started to type “collect them all” in jest, but I guess that’s really what we do! Click twice on the photo to really zoom in!


One thought on “Washington Plastics Backlit

  1. Monte

    Although it appears from the light board that there are dozens of different types, in fact there are only six shown in this photo. Careful grouping of the sun-lit colors prior to putting them on the light board goes a long way in narrowing down the spread. ALERT: The Sales Tax Tokens and Scrip; Color Guide has been sent to the publisher and may be in hand for shipment the middle of August or so. I’ll be contacting everyone on my mailing list as soon as they are in-hand. With it, you won’t have probelms with color matching plastic or fiber tokens or scrip ever again! Monte

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