What Is an Old Train Ticket?

The 1953 Red Seal has been an important historical marker in the United States. Designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and commemorating the construction of the new National Airport, the redesign included a striking red-tiered structure that sat adjacent to the existing terminal. The resulting structure is one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire country and a beloved icon in the heart of America. Today, the National Park Service is removing the remaining concrete barriers and is celebrating this important milestone with an open house and a number of free activities for park visitors.

Visitors are invited to take a journey back in time and learn about the inspiration behind this important addition to Wright’s vision. There is no need to fret, though, as the remainder of the park will remain intact. The removal of the old train ticketing booths was accompanied by plans for a brand new entrance featuring a fully glass door featuring original artwork. What better way to celebrate the opening of this glorious new facility? The free admission will allow you to stand virtually within the history of the building itself.

This re-creation of the historic landmark includes several areas for visitors to explore. Within the main Administration Building there is the Wright Old Store where you can purchase commemorative old train tickets from a wide selection of sellers. There are also antique shops located within the area. You will find something unique and exceptional within any one of these buildings, whether you are in search of a souvenir or something more meaningful. Each of the stores also offers free admittance and special guestbook entry.

You will also discover a replica train station that sits adjacent to the new entrance featuring an original brick exterior. There are two escalators leading to each side of the station. The station has a glass doorway which allows passengers to exit through it onto the departures floor. The train station is fully accessible via the platform, which is where you can board any of the old train tickets currently on sale. The station also offers a gift shop which sells gift certificates and souvenirs. A gift certificate can be purchased for any amount and allows someone to bring a gift from home or the local store.

The ticket windows cover a full length train and feature numerous attractions that have been relocated to compliment the re-creation of the station. The first attraction is the Piedmont Railroad, which operated out of the station. The locomotive continues to run through the tunnel from the original entrance to the signal box at the end of the tunnel. On the second floor is the ticket window, which still features the original Piedmont Railroad sign and logo. At the end of the train platform you can stand and look straight ahead at the locomotive.

The train departs from the depot at the same spot as the old train station. All of the amenities are still there including the ticket window and gift shop. All that has changed is the color scheme and the signage. This is one of the most impressive of all the old train tickets from this period which were sold to commemorate the re-creation of the train.

It may be possible that the train that left the depot in the year 1953 never made it back due to mechanical problems. The reason that the train did not return is unknown but the likelihood is that the track was not laid correctly. It is possible that the train was never completely refit in order that the red color that is so prominent is not the only color that was used. This could have led to the trains that are now in circulation having a different color than they would have had if the track had been laid correctly.

Regardless of why or how the old train ticket was issued, anyone who is interested in purchasing one of these tickets will be able to do so for a reasonable price. The price will be a lot less than if one were to purchase a new one. Many people buy these types of old train tickets for their own collection or to share. Many people hope that these old gems will one day fly back to the ground and once they do they will be able to gaze upon them with wonderment.

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